Client’s DUI Charge Dismissed After Motion to Suppress Vehicle Stop Sustained

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A client of Waltrip & Campbell, PC, represented by Stephen E. Campbell, Esq., had his Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol charge dismissed by the judge in the Williamsburg-James City County General District Court in November, 2017 after the judge granted Mr. Campbell’s Motion to Suppress the stop of Client’s vehicle as unconstitutional.  The defendant was pulled over on Richmond Road at approximately 2:00 AM for travelling between 20-25 miles per hour in a 25 mph speed zone.  The officers also based their stop on allegations that Client failed to look at them when he passed them in his vehicle.  Mr. Campbell successfully argued that the police lacked reasonable articulable suspicion that criminal activity was afoot and therefore any evidence obtained as a result of the unconstitutional stop was inadmissible.

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