Williamsburg Va Divorce Lawyer


  • Adultery, Abandonment, Cruelty,
  • Habitual Drunkeness
  • Uncontested & No Fault Divorce
  • Spousal Support, Military Divorce
  • Equitable Distribution involving Business
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

At Waltrip & Campbell, PC we know there is nothing more important than family. Our experienced divorce lawyers fight to protect the rights of every person to parent their child. When it comes to divorce, many times a person is at fault, and other times they are not. The attorneys at Waltrip & Campbell, PC do not pressure anyone to divorce, but when a client decides to do so, we advocate for a fair distribution of marital assets. We negotiate property settlement agreements or file contested divorces. We can help you find a path forward on issues such as spousal support, child support, equitable distribution of homes, vehicles, and the separation of retirement accounts. For an overview of the various aspects of the Divorce Process click one of the links to the firm’s blog – The ComplaintThe AnswerDiscoveryPendente Lite Hearings, Depositions, Trial, and Appeal.

Waltrip & Campbell, PC also understands the unique circumstances that military families face and has helped countless service members in protecting their rights and achieving their goals when it comes to custody of their children and their marital assets.