An Important Gift This Christmas – Last Will and Testament

Brandon WaltripEstate Planning

By this time in life you likely do one of two things around the holidays: buy your own Christmas gift or buy a joint gift with your spouse. In our home, we do the same. It’s practical and you know what is best for your self and your family.  With that in mind, you can’t pass up on this important gift for Christmas.

What is it you ask? A Will.  Yes, a Last Will and Testament.  I know, it sounds boring. It doesn’t have the flare of the newest electronic gadget,  but, it is truly important.  Let me say that again, it is REALLY important.  Not matter your stage in life, if you do not have a Will right now, you are at risk of your assets being taxed, taken by the State, or your children the issue of a custody battle between your  in-laws and your long lost aunt whose children aren’t exactly functioning adults.

You’re young and healthy and nothing is going to happen to you.  But, it can.  It can happen in an instant.  You and your spouse go to a Christmas party, and who else is out partying – drunk drivers, while it’s raining, and dark, and cold and snowy. The weather is uncertain and people’s judgement is less than poor.  In a moment your whole life changes (or ends) and your children are left to clean up the mess. Even worse, you don’t have a Will in place and your children do not have a legal guardian that you have picked to protect and guide them to adulthood.

I know you’re thinking this doesn’t happen.  It’s not going to happen to me.  Unfortunately, it does and can happen to all of us.

Now is the time to sit down with your spouse, have a discussion about mortality, and plan out your future.  Make a list of your possessions, decide on a guardian for your children, and handle your assets in a way that you believe is best.  Don’t have minor children?  Have you talked to your parents about getting their affairs in order? It is just as important for them to have their property sorted out so that you and your siblings aren’t left arguing over who the executor should be and what is the simplest and fairest way of dividing assets.

If you need a Last Will and Testament contact Collins | Waltrip, PC  at 757-645-9001 and schedule an appointment with Brandon C. Waltrip, Esq. or Richard Collins, Esq. You can also schedule an appointment for a friend or loved one and someone at Collins | Waltrip, PC will assist you in scheduling their consultation. The holiday season is a great time for gifts and family, but none is more important than securing your future and knowing your family will be protected.